Fruity Griptape (9″x33″) Eternal Foliage

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Fruity Griptape (9″x33″) Eternal Foliage

Unleash your creativity with our Fruity Griptape in the mesmerizing Eternal Foliage design. Crafted for skaters who dare to stand out, this 9″x33″ griptape marries functionality with style, offering superior traction and a vibrant aesthetic that will make your board pop.

  • Size: 9″x33″
  • Design: Eternal Foliage
  • Material: High-quality grippy texture
  • Easy to apply and long-lasting

About Fruity Grip

At Fruity Grip, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the skateboarding experience with our innovative and eye-catching griptapes. Our products are designed to elevate your performance while making a bold statement. Embrace individuality and style with Fruity Grip – where functionality meets artistic expression.