Fruity Griptape (9″x33″) Eternal Shine



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Fruity Griptape (9″x33″) Eternal Shine

Elevate your skating experience with our Fruity Griptape Eternal Shine. Designed to provide unparalleled grip and style, this 9″x33″ griptape is perfect for skaters who want both functionality and aesthetics in one. The Eternal Shine design not only offers a secure footing on your deck but also adds a touch of flair to your board.

  • Dimensions: 9″x33″
  • High-quality material for enhanced grip
  • Eternal Shine design for a stylish look
  • Easy to apply

About Fruity Grip

Fruity Grip is a brand dedicated to bringing innovation and style to the skating world. Our griptapes are crafted with precision to ensure skaters have the best experience on their boards. With Fruity Grip, you don’t just skate; you shine.